Our apartment is located at the entrance of Volarje (village) on the left bank of the Soča river crossing the Volarje bridge along the main road Tolmin-Kobarid.

On the left bank of the Soča river there isanother road taking you through picturesque villages  The village Volarje is 6 km away from Tolmin, the center of the Upper Soča Valley, and 10 km from Kobarid.

Apartma Kolman

A spread hamlet, with an irregular off-road base, lies oat the bottom at the Middle Soča Valley on a gravel terrace on the left side of the Soča river under the steep slope of the mountain Mrzli vrh (1259 m). Some torrential mountain-gorges and scree from the slopes extend almost to the houses, among which renovated, in littoral style built houses predominate.  Mostly cultivated are the upper terraces.

After the earthquake in 1976 a new stable was set up on the right bank of the Soča river , which is covered with grasslands. The inhabitants of the village Volarje go to work to Tolmin or Kobarid.  The curch of St.Brica from the 15th century stands on the west side of the village.

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