All, who wants to explore the mountains around the area called ” the land of alive water”, will find lots of interesting paths for mountaineering in the high southern ridges of the Alps, which shelter the village of Krn (840m) to the north and reach the height of more than 2000 m ( the highest paek is Krn, standing 2245 m high).

From the village Volarje you can make short walks along the Soča or to the hills in the surroundings. If you are interested in history there are still a lot of reminers from the First World War all around this area. The traces of senseless and brutal waste of life are visible at every step of the way.

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The Soča river, named as ‘a daugther of the mountains’ by a slovenian poet Simon Gregorčič, flows faster below the Volarje bridge and here is a popular place for fishing. You can catch here an endemic Soča trout (Salmo trutta marmoratus). The Soča trout was the only species in the past that lived in these waters. Now there are lots of its crossbreeds found in the Soča.

Please note that it is only allow to fly-fish in the area.

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Water sport

Not quite explainable blue- green colour of the soča attracts all fans of water activities, specialy in the summer. There are a lot of posibillities of doing watersports such as rafting, kayaking, hydrospeed…  For your safety it is the best to contact one of  local sport agencies.

If you are full of adrenaline you should try canyoning.

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The area offers lots of paths suitable for mountain biking and street -cycling.

We arrange bike rentals.

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On the hill Kobala above Tolmin there is one of the best place for paragliding in Slovenia and Europe. You will reach a starting point taking a road to a cottage on the mountain Stador, from there is about 10 minutes walk to the take off. This start is 1080 m above the sea level and with good weather conditions you can fly above the alps, toward Italy, Bovec and Bohinj.  Because of its position flying is possible at east or west wind.

Landing places are in Tolmin and Kobarid.

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